Data Protection


Information to the Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (EU-DSGVO)

The respective terms and conditions of the EU-DSGVO as well as of the related Bulgarian Data Protection Act as per the Data Protection Amendment is in full force and effect since May 25th, 2018.


The following statement shall advise you, the visitor of our website, on how we, GETRACO LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “GETRACO” for short), are making sure that your personal data are being kept confidentially and that your personal rights are being observed.

Scope: The GETRACO data privacy statement is valid for our own website, but especially also for the personal data that are being recorded in our data base. We do not collect any personal data from visitors of our website. Our website may contain links to other third party entities which are not covered under the GETRACO data privacy statement.
Our website has been designed in accordance to the Bulgarian laws. Consequently, for any claims that might be raised in connection to the GETRACO-website and/or to our data
privacy statement solely Bulgarian law is applicable and the respective Sofia court shall be the only responsible venue.

Responsible for data collection: GETRACO Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GETRACO”), Fondovi Jilishta bl.203, ent.G, app.24; E-Mail address .

Data of respective natural persons/companies: Collected data about natural persons: Name, Address, E-Mail, Telephone & Facsimile, Job title. GETRACO does not collect sensitive data, such as about political conviction, religion or religious opinions, police records and/or any health-related information.

Collected data about companies: Company name, address, E-mail, telephone and facsimile, tax identification number, invoices, order-related data, correspondence.

Intended purpose: rendering of advisory- and related services, correspondence (such as processing of and replying to inquiries and/or offers), GETRACO-related advertising and/or information, enforcement of our general terms and conditions and/or of our legal rights.

Data transfer to third parties: Data will not be forwarded to third parties, except from our external auditors and accountants or from our lawyers, associates, or if so requested by any public authority.

Duration of data retention: Data about natural or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as “Person” or “Persons”) will be processed and recorded until further written notice. This will allow us to revive relationships and/or mandates with previous and/or current clients in order to provide related advisory on short notice.

Right to information: Every Person has its right to read, verify, request to amend or delete or restrict any personal data collected by GETRACO. Such request must be forwarded in writing properly addressed to GETRACO and each Person who will submit such request to GETRACO must identify itself as authorized Person to read, verify, request to amend or delete or restrict its own personal data collected by GETRACO. Data can only be deleted after expiration of the retention obligation under Bulgarian law (presently it is for five years).

Right of revocation/right to appeal: Every authorized Person may use its right of revocation or right to appeal at any time by addressing such request to GETRACO in writing.

Legal right: All and any Person-related data will be provided voluntarily and without any obligation. GETRACO does not have any legal right with regards to the provision of such Person-related data.

Access to personal data: Only GETRACO associates do have access to your personal data to fulfill their professional/company-/project-related duties and responsibilities.

Security: In accordance to the terms of the data protection act, we have implemented respective rules and technical measures to protect personal data that have been recorded by GETRACO in our data base in order to prevent unauthorized access and potential disclosure, change, unauthorized deletion or loss by mistake.

Data protection: We will continuously review this data privacy statement in view of its accuracy and legal compliance. We reserve our right to amend this data privacy statement whenever required without prior notice and will publish such amendments on our website. Should you keep on using this data privacy statement and/or our website even after such amendments should have been implemented, we may take your agreement for granted.

Impact assessment: From today’s perspective the collection and processing of Person-related data by GETRACO does not mean any high risk for the rights and freedom of the related Persons.

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